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Why We are High on Himalayan Hemp Masks and Jeans!

The current climate of fashion is a boon as well as a bane to us. While fast fashion has made clothing and accessories easily accessible and affordable for all, one may argue about its harmful effects on the environment. Modern fashion is a double-edged sword but recently, companies have started becoming a little more environmentally conscious and a little less wasteful.

We're one of those companies that started with an environment-first view on fashion. While it is cheaper to make fashion out of existing materials like synthetic fibres and cotton, it also damages the environment and leads to a lot of wastage.

In 2017, we discovered Himalayan Hemp as the perfect alternative to existing market materials. Himalayan Hemp doesn't use a ton of water like cotton and isn't wasteful like synthetic fibres that are used extensively in the fast fashion industry. For example, a regular pair of denim uses up to 7000 litres of water while our hemp jeans only use about 3500 litres of water. With every pair of hemp jeans you buy, you are saving 3500 litres of water.

Our proprietary Hemploop+ fibres were developed after 2 years of intense research and development. With this fibre, we developed our best-selling Hemp Jeans. Our range of SLOW eco friendly jeans are custom made, breathable, long-lasting, and healthy for you and the environment. Their UV protective, moisture-wicking, and odour-free properties make them one of the most sustainable denim brands available in the market.

Our store, SLOW by Canvaloop, has a wide range of Hemp-made fashion, including sustainable masks, yoga mats, and obviously, the best pair of comfortable, ethically made jeans in the market.

When you buy from us, you get to go about your day knowing that you've helped save the environment one pair of eco jeans at a time. Every part of the process, including the supply chain and packaging, is done with an environment-first and customer-first approach in mind. We're high on hemp, and we know you are too.

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