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Our Mission

We find ourselves at the intersection of sustainability & luxury.
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Canvaloop is a material sciences company that is building the backend of the global textile supply chain. Canvaloop uses a proprietary chemo-mechanical process to create fibres and yarns from agro-waste, such as hemp, pineapple, and banana.

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Our Story by Shreyans

After getting 3 degrees in Finance and work experience at the age of 24 and, I went to the US for my Masters in Entrepreneurship, with a clear plan of starting a fintech venture or working for one. But as they say - ‘life is what happens when you are busy making plans.’ The idea of sustainability stuck with me in the US and I wanted to do something about it. We clearly see air pollution because of fuel burning and the enormous impact of plastic pollution daily, but what almost everyone has missed is the invisible textile pollution. Upon doing some research, I realized the size and urgency of this problem:

Environmental Impact

Textiles is the second most polluting industry on the planet.

Textile pollution is going to be a 52B dollar problem by 2030, and 24% of it will happen at the raw material stage.

Another problem is Agricultural waste burning is a major environmental problem in India. India is the second largest agro-based economy on Planet Earth and our harvesting season collides with the Mediterranean winds creating smog clouds of the burnt agricultural residue. It is estimated that over 90 million tonnes of agricultural waste is burned in India each year. This contributes to air pollution, climate change, and water pollution. It is also a major health hazard, causing respiratory problems and other health problems.

agricultural waste burning contributes to 40% of the particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution in Delhi.

Agricultural waste burning effects makes Delhi the most polluted city on planet Earth.

Canvaloop Fibre was founded with the mission of providing sustainable textile alternatives to the global textile industry by using agricultural waste. We are committed to developing high-quality, genuinely sustainable fibers and yarns that meet the growing demand for products that upheals nature and uplifts our farmers. Our products are made from agro-waste which was otherwise burnt. We believe that our products can make a positive impact on the environment and help to create a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

Welcome to CanvaLoop.

Textile Industry is going to change.
We wish to bring that.

SDGs Impacted

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Our Proof of Impact

Atal Innovation Mission Medal

Lakme Fashion Week

Winner - Positive Impact Startup
TiE Silicon Valley

Asian Hemp Summit 2019

Army Technology Seminar by Dept. of Defense, GoI

Materi-O Material Library

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