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Canvaloop Launches New Line of Sustainable Yarns

Canvaloop, a leading provider of sustainable fabrics, has launched a new line of yarns that are made from plant-based fibers. The new yarns are available in a variety of blends, including hemp, cotton and Tencel.

Canvaloop's new yarns are designed to be used by both professional and home sewers. The yarns are easy to work with and they produce high-quality garments. Canvaloop's yarns are also sustainable, which means that they are made from materials that are grown and processed in a way that minimizes environmental impact.

Canvaloop's new yarns are available now at

In partnership with Boheco Textiles, our range of Hemploop blended yarns include:

  • Hemploop/Cotton Blend - Available in 30/70 and 45/55 blends for weaving and knitting purposes.

  • Hemploop/Tencel Blend - These yarns provide a soft, silky, and smooth finish.

  • Hemploop/Bamboo Blend - Versatile and eco-friendly to the maximum!

  • Hemploop+/RPET Blend - Finer count yarns at a value price for weaving and knitting purposes.

  • Hemploop+/Silk Blend - Combining silk's finesse with hemp's sustainability, this is a yarn for the lovers of luxury.

In partnership with Natloop, our range of blended yarns include:

  • Banloop/Cotton Blend - Available from 6 Ne to 24 Ne. It is very versatile and has a wide range of applications from home furnishings to denims and much more.

  • Banloop/Tencel Blend - Available from 6 Ne to 30 Ne. Our signature blends suitable for weaving and knitting applications.

  • Pineloop/Bamboo - Available from 6 Ne to 30 Ne. A sustainable range of blended yarns suitable for weaving and knitting applications.

Apart from our wide array of blended yarns, we aim to bring eco-friendly fashion from plant-based fibres straight to the consumer. With Canvaloop's range of SLOW fashion, we already have denims, masks, and yoga mats under our belt and we aim to bring many new products under our belt.

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