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Why Hemp Fabrics Are Slowly Taking Over The Fashion Industry

The last few decades have seen the emergence of a new type of fashion called ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion is a business model that relies on mass-produced, mostly low-quality clothing pieces based on current fashion trends. While the industry has its benefits, the demerits outweigh them significantly. Fast fashion tends to produce massive amounts of waste and uses resource-intensive fabrics like cotton and synthetics. Moving on to more sustainable fabrics and producing the right amount seem to be the only solutions to this fast-growing problem.

Canvaloop is leading the way to produce more eco-friendly fashion products with hemp fabrics to counter fashion waste. Primarily, we use hemp fibre. Our proprietary hemp-based fibre, Hemploop, uses a lot less water compared to the current market-leading fibre, cotton. We ethically source hemp agri-waste from the farmers and create a very high-quality fibre that makes fashion that’s better for the planet. Hemp as a fibre has a lot of advantages for you - It is breathable, long-lasting, anti-microbial, anti-UV, and gets better with every wear. Our fibre also uses only 10 litres of water/kg in the production, compared to market leaders like cotton, which uses 9000 litres of water/kg.

With hemp as our primary fabric, we’ve created a range of hemp jeans, masks, and yoga mats that are stylish and safe. Our hemp denim fabric nearly halves the amount of water required to produce a pair of jeans (Cotton uses 7000 litres of water while hemp uses 3500. Can you believe that?). Imagine the amount of good you’re doing for the world by switching to hemp!

A lot of countries are starting to take a favourable stance on the cultivation of hemp as a more sustainable alternative to many polluting fibres. Jump aboard the hemp revolution today for a better future for us and Mother Earth!

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