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Agricultural Waste Fibres like never before!

We're a generation that has grown up with fast fashion. Buying trending fashion at affordable prices is something no one can resist. However, we've been ignoring the damage caused by the base materials used in fast fashion. Consumers' buying quantity increases every year and pollution also increases along with it. We don't even check the tags when we buy something, making us oblivious to the fact about the material used in our clothes and if it's good for the environment. Because of this mindset, synthetics are dominating the industry and the planet is ailing in the process. Plastics, especially microplastics are being discharged into the environment, gathering waste and staying in the ground for decades before decomposing. At Canvaloop, we're working to change this mindset. Fashion doesn't have to be made using synthetic fibres and destroy the world. It can be made using planet-friendly fibres like hemp amongst other things. Canvaloop is working to make this world synthetic-free and help us go back to our roots of wearing organic and sustainable fashion that's comfortable and affordable for the wearer.

The solution to create a better planet in the future is to switch to agricultural waste fibres that are sustainable and good for us. Hemp and the Banana plant are two sources for the perfect sustainable fibre. After years and years of research and with a primary focus on hemp fibres, Canvaloop has developed a unique hemp fibre called Hemploop. Hemploop has immense benefits for the planet and how we dress, with very little drawbacks. It's a fibre that's moisture-wicking, UV protective, long-lasting, odour-free, and breathable, among many other things. This fibre has been shaped into well-fitted and comfortable pairs of denims called SLOW jeans. There's also Hemploop Yoga Mats and Masks so you can stay healthy while being eco-friendly. Apart from Canvaloop's signature hemp fibre, Hemploop, there's also a variety of fibres, including Banloop, made from the stem of the banana plant, and Pineloop, made from the discarded leaves of the Pineapple plant.

We understand that this is a critical point to change our ways and become an eco-conscious community. We're working hard from our end to create sustainable and affordable fashion along with organic fibres that reduce pollution and agro-waste. We aim to become the go-to fashion platform for people interested in sustainable fashion and make organic clothing that rivals the fast fashion industry in affordability. Join us on our journey to make the fashion industry organic.

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