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What if your clothes could save the planet?

Luxury clothing made from agricultural waste.

Textiles is the second most polluting industry on planet earth.

24% of pollution while making a garment happens
at the raw material stage.

90 million tons of agricultural waste is burned in India every year.

Air Quality of North Indian cities become like gas-chambers due to air pollution from agri-waste burning.

Salad Bar

Garments made from Agricultural waste that feels soft and rich.

What makes a Salad bar garment different?

A Story about the name Salad bar and connect it with nature and sustainability.

prevents burning of agricultural waste
increase income for marginal farmers
uses less than
10 litres of water/kg
low impact closed loop technology

Salad Bar garments are made with Canvaloop Tech.

Salad Bar garments are powered with Canvaloop Fibre.  Which are made from the technology that  transforms the agricultural waste into spinnable fibres that is closed loop and low impact which results in reduction of water and energy usage and reduce GHG emissions.

This way your Salad Bar garment is contributing net positive back to nature.


For us Sustainability is not an ESG Metric.
Its our Mission.

At Jindal, we take the idea of sustainability in textiles very seriously. Why? Because that is the only way to grow consciously and for long-term in the future. 
Salad Bar is a concept in which we believe to mainstream sustainability by creating products that speak unmatched luxury & unparalleled functionality.

If you are interested in knowing more about Salad Bar, I invite you to register your interest below.

Jindal Textiles

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