On a mission to mainstream sustainability, Slow is our attempt at transforming our most loved fabric - denim -  into a greener blue.

Slow Jeans is where true sustainability meets functional superiority.

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Made With Goodness

Saves Water | No insecticides & Pesticides

100% Natural: Plastic-free in entirety, slow jeans make no use of any synthetics or lycra as opposed to regular denim jeans

Carbon Negative: Gives more to the nature than it takes

Consumes more CO2 per hectare than any other crop

100% rain fed: Slow Jeans helps save 3500 litres of water per jeans.

Grows 8-10 feet within 90-120 days.

Grows with zero human input.

Slow Jeans


Our unique fibre is made from Himalayan Hemp using Canvaloop™'s proprietary technology.

You are in good company.