Meet The Team

The technology team consists of 3 Ph.D. Textile Scientists of the following departments - Textile Chemistry, Textile Engineering and Textile Spinning, who are Heads of their respective departments at esteemed universities; and 2 Textile Domain Experts - Spinning Expert and Weaving Expert with more than 20 years of research experience.


We also have 20 people working with us on the factory premises.

We believe the team has great entrepreneurial skills and passion, combined with industry leading researchers and a stellar advisory board – making it well rounded and complete.

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Shreyans Kokra


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Nandini Sarraf

Director Of Marketing & PR

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Sanjeev Bhartiya

Mentor (Sales & Product Development)

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Dhruv Gupta

Head of Operations

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Priya Shah

Investor Director

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CanvaLoop is proud to announce its incubation in Tata