What is ‘Cottonisation’ of Hemp?

The hemp industry faces many challenges - one of them is the pricing. Hemp yHemp requires significantly less water to grow, no insecticides, no pesticides or fertilisers of any kind, rejuvenates the soil it grows in and probably has the lowest carbon footprint among textile fibre crops. It solves many problems that the fashion industry is infamous for. But despite the increasing conversation around the goodness of hemp, you don’t come across hemp-made clothing in mainstream fashion.ields 4 times more fibre per acre than cotton. Thus people perceive that hemp would be cheaper than cotton. However, the reality is much different. Cottonised hemp starts at $4/kg of fibre and finer quality fibres range from $7-$10/kg, whereas the cost of cotton fibre is around the $2/kg mark. Learn More >

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