Slow Jeans

SLOW - The Greener Blue

On a mission to mainstream sustainability, Slow is our attempt at transforming our most loved fabric - denim -  into a greener blue.

Slow Jeans is where true sustainability meets functional superiority.

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Benefits of Himalayan Hemp!

Also known as “The Nature’s Miracle Crop”. It gives birth to a highly sustainable and one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers in the world. This natural fiber is lightweight, breathable and becomes better with every wash. It has naturally anti-UV and antibacterial properties.

High Performance Himalayan Hemp Jeans

Why custom fit over the regular pair?

No mass production | No wastage | Slow fashion on the go

Each pair is specially designed for you, made to order and most importantly made to fit!

While the environmental benefits for the same happen to be no mass production leading to no wastage and promoting slow fashion for the better!

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