Canvaloop's proprietary technique

enables us to process the agricultural waste of bast crops to superior textile fibres bringing significant changes in the textile chain by creating socially inclusive, progressively viable, and adequately available materials.

We Care!

CanvaLoop™ makes conscious efforts to create eco-friendly fibres for the mass. The reasons which make us the best option for you, to choose us are - we save great amounts of water, reduce instances of pollution, plus we give comfort and quality like no other.

A complete package of goodness, these fibres are a true blessing! After all, everyone likes that extra care, don't we? With this, let us live healthy too!


Building Goodness Step-By-Step


Canvaloop™ uses genuine agri-waste, that has encouraged

• Reduction in burning of the agricultural waste

• Reduction in use of crude and cotton based textiles

• Increase in income of small & marginal farmers

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