Himalayan Hemp - the Discovery

Sanskrit word for the ‘ Abode of Snow’ - Himalayas are the home to the world's most magical mystical experiences and rewards. The Himalayan ranges stretches from the Indus river through India, Nepal and Bhutan; and ends at the Brahmaputra river in eastern India. The Himalayas are on everyone’s bucket list - for some it is an adventure of a lifetime - for others it may be an escape into nature’s bounty - for some a religious journey-for some an enlightening experience.

Whatever maybe the purpose of the visit - what we always notice but not consciously register is the lush green valleys of a particular plant growing all across in the wild. With a focused look in the wild - we can see a stout, aromatic herb with slender cane like stalks. It has small flowers & the leaves are skinny with five leaflets - this is the Himalayan Hemp plant. This one is so generously widespread yet ironically we fail to notice its existence!

To add to the above (For our Hemp is an all-rounder) - it takes only 90 days to grow a full 10 feet. It requires ‘zero’ human input - that means - humans don't need to plant the seeds, no need to water the plant or use any kind of fertilisers, insecticides or pesticides. The valleys of Himalayan Hemp also act as carbon sinks - absorbing the most CO2 per hectare of land as compared to any other crop.

We can probably go above and beyond discussing this modest plant and maybe write a couple of books on the ‘goodness’ of the mighty crop. Hope, someday we will!

Let’s fast forward to today - we are aiming to revolutionise the fashion industry with Himalayan Hemp as the centre piece. Fashion is the second largest polluting industry on the planet and CanvaLoop powered by hemp is looking forward to making a contribution against it! HempLoop Plus (our Himalayan Hemp product) being at the forefront backed by our Proprietary Technology, we will make it happen.

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