Global Production of Hemp fibres and apparel

The clear leader in hemp textile production is China. China has been the largest producer of hemp textiles since 2010. The Chinese don’t have a secret technology when it comes to hemp yarns and fabrics. Then why is it that they are the leaders in hemp textile production?

It's pretty simple! They started investing early on in the hemp textile industry in a planned and structured manner. Chinese manufacturers offer a highly developed range of yarns and fabrics and due to abundance in hemp fibre agriculture. Due to their scale of operations, Chinese manufacturers are able to offer better prices, hence most of the brands making hemp apparels are sourcing their fabrics or yarns from China. The leading Hemp manufacturers in China are Hempfortex, Shaanxi Greenland, Kingdom and HMI.

As regulations for hemp cultivation are being relaxed globally and the industry is starting to realise the potential of hemp fibres - many countries are fast catching up. In the US – the hemp industry is finally looking beyond CBD and realising the true power of hemp fibre. There are a growing number of fibre providers from Europe and Australia but the lack of textile infrastructure in these countries is a hindrance. Thus, a holistic partnership between fibre producers in these countries and textile infrastructure rich countries like India is needed for development of hemp textiles. Over the past 3-5 years – textile value chain players (yarns and fabric makers) in other countries too have made significant progress in development of hemp textiles. 

The non-transparency of Chinese companies and the perceived non-sustainability of Chinese textile manufacturing will definitely work in the favour of other countries producing hemp textiles. Many fashion brands are seeking an alternative to Chinese hemp for the same reasons. The best way forward would be cultivation of hemp fibres in the American, European and other countries followed by its processing and conversion to garments in countries like India and Bangladesh.

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